1000 km de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires DVD

Between 1954 and 1972, in a total of eight opportunities, Argentina organized the first sports cars championship race of the year, the "1000 km de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires". Except for the 1957 edition, which took place in the "Costanera" (riverside circuit), it was held at the Buenos Aires "17 de Octubre" autodrome. Using part of a public highway, this epic race, attracted all main sport carmakers to Argentina, and was used to introduce several new models, as was the superb Ferrari Testarrossa. Now, these races of a bygone era of gentlemen drivers, are presented in this DVD as the government official TV programs filmed them. We have preserved the original audio and footage, adding just the race results and some Tango music. With the exception of 1958 and 1972, when no official film was produced, all years are covered.

Type: DVD
Length: 1 h

Authors: Whitefly & Sergio Lugo

Publisher: Whitefly

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