Ferrari 430 Spider Lamborghini Gallardo Spider

Ferrari & Lamborghini for rent at Champs Élysées, Paris

If you have 89 Euros and want to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo Spider or a Ferrari 430 Spider you can do it at Champs Élisées. Don't forget to bring a heavy jacket and a scarf because it is winter!
Clemar Bucci and his Tipo C 316 12 cylinder car, s/n 51204.

Clemar Bucci and his Tipo C 316 s/n 51204

Clemar Bucci was an active driver during late 40s and early 50s in Argentina. During Juan Domingo Peron´s government, he acquired an hybrid Alfa Romeo, that has a complete chapter in our Alfa Romeo Argentina book. Heavy, difficult to drive, it was taken to victory once by Achille Varzi in Brazil.

Tazio Nuvolari at the wheel of the Cisitalia Porsche, before coming to Argentina, Cisitalia Porsche at the Museum in Stuttgart. Porsche Argentina book.

Cisitalia Porsche, the Typ 360, a 4 wheel-drive single - seater

An incredible design from the Bureau Porsche, this tiny Cisitalia 360, spent many years in Argentina. The car was never raced, but survived over the years complete. It is now in exhibition at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.
Ernesto Bossola, Bugatti Type 35 A. Picture: Bugatti Argentina book. , Eduardo Estanguet. Bugatti Type 35 A. Picture: Bugatti Argentina book.

Bugattis Racing in Argentina

Our book Bugatti Argentina tells the story of the big number of Bugattis that came to Argentina. Though it has information about the importer, Luis Tirasso, and his connection with the count Eduardo Matarazzo in San Pablo, Brazil, the book is focused in the racing activities of the Molsheim cars in Argentina.

Adolfo Schwelm Cruz at the Mille Miglia

Argentine Schwelm won the race in a curious way. He had himself been driven around the circuit in a saloon car and made notes about each corner. Later he handed these records to his co-driver and drove the race accdording to his advice. On his Alfa Romeo he became winner of the class production cars above 1.5 litres.