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Alfa Romeo concept cars at Padova

At the Fiera di Padova Mostra Scambio the Alfa Romeo museum took the Carabo (Bertone) and the Iguana (Italdesign), two of the several 33 concept cars.
Willy Iacona and Allegro Pelloni with the Ferrari 500 F2., Lao Iacona with the 1/10 Lancia Ferrari.

Whitefly at Padova, Italy.

In october, 2011, Whitefly & Autoar shared a stand at the Fiera di Padova, Mostra Scambio. Our neighbour was Allegro Pelloni, an ex carrozzeria Scaglietti and ex Ferrari, who is now retired and building himself the "Vetture italiani campioni del mondo". All in 1/10 scale, he took with him the Lancia Ferrari, a Maserati 250F and the Alfetta among others. The Ferrari 500 F2 and the Lancia Ferrari shown in the pictures are now living in Buenos Aires! Grazie tante Allegro!
Ferrari 430 Spider Lamborghini Gallardo Spider

Ferrari & Lamborghini for rent at Champs Élysées, Paris

If you have 89 Euros and want to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo Spider or a Ferrari 430 Spider you can do it at Champs Élisées. Don't forget to bring a heavy jacket and a scarf because it is winter!