Affiche, Willy, Cris et Lao, Cris with lovely 405 Paris - Dakar, , Il Preside Volante, The trio: whitefly & Willy Iacona, Lao Iacona at work, Bart Rosman, Lao Iacona, Cris Bertschi, whitefly with Marcel Massini, Jackie Forrest Green, Nick Candee and Don Rose with whitefly, sexy Lao Iacona

Rétromobile 2004

Rétromobile 2004 was our first experience as exposants.
It opened our minds forever and pushed us to finish our first book Alfa Romeo Argentina which was published a year and a half after that and launched in Monterey in August 2005, when Alfa Romeo was the featured marque at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.