whitefly was created in 2004 by Estanislao Iacona and Cristián Bertschi with the purpose of salvaging and safeguarding the history of Argentine car activity. Their main project is to document the activity of the different makes in Argentina and make it into a series of books. In this opportunity it was the turn of Porsche Argentina.

Cristián Ariel Bertschi was born in Buenos Aires City, on August 4, 1974. He is an industrial designer, a Buenos Aires University (UBA) graduate, and holds a History Chair in Industrial Design at the UBA since 2000. He is an assiduous contestant in classic car events which enambles him to experience, first hand, the enjoyment of driving and enjoying classic and sports cars.

Estanislao María Iacona was born in Florida, Buenos Aires Province, on January 22, 1970. He graduated as a lawyer and has specialized in labor law and Copyright. In 1997 he married María Eugenia Krause with whom he has three children: Josefina, Mateo and Estanislao. His passion for cars and races has lead him to dedicate to historical research, having published with Cristián Bertschi: Alfa Romeo Argentina, Bugatti Argentina and Ferrari Argentina - Sports Cars, amongst other books.